Athletes train a lot. A wrong decision in their preparation can lead to disastrous and irreversible consequences (under-performance, injuries, over-training or mental issues).

At GrAIg, we believe that Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize the way athletes train. The data collected allows us to better understand how their bodies work to better tailor their preparation to their needs in order to reach new levels of performance.

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Paul-Antoine Girard

Paul-Antoine Girard

Co-Founder & CEO
Samuel Souci

Samuel Souci

Co-Founder & COO
Doron Israel

Doron Israel

Co-Founder & CTO

Damien Le Mesnager

Sport Scientist

Yannis Moudere

Machine Learning Engineer

is incubated at Le Tremplin, the world's first sports innovation platform, located in the heart of the Jean Bouin stadium, in the 16th district of Paris.


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