Empowering you to unleash your athletes' full potential
with Artificial Intelligence

GrAIg Studio is the first intelligent platform that leverages performance data with state-of-the-art AI algorithms.



Leverage More Data Faster

  • Gather all data in one place
  • Monitor trainings more precisely
  • Combine the strength of all data sources
  • Save valuable time by automating your work


  • Quantify progress without testing
  • Hyper-personalize training
  • Perfectly calibrate every session
  • Improve athlete/coach trust


  • Quantify training plan's benefits
  • Simulate different strategies
  • Prepare athletes for a specific event
  • Build plans as your are used to do (cf. integrations)


Individualize training with a unique Artificial Intelligence technology.
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Data is no longer enough

Over the past decade, wearable innovations have focused on generating more data.
The rise of Athlete Management Systems (AMS) has enabled coaches to analyze this data retrospectively, allowing them to measure the impact of their decisions and assess athletes' progress over time.
A new era is beginning.
Artificial Intelligence algorithms can understand how athletes work and predict the impact of training on their performance.
With AI, coaches can validate their daily decisions,
allowing them to focus on what they do best.

Data is no longer enough

Over the past decade, innovations in the tech industry have focused on generating more data. Wearables and sensors have grown exponentially to capture the most available data possible.

The uprising of Athlete Management Systems (AMS) have enabled coaches to analyze this data, allowing them to measure the impact of their training strategies, and evaluate the progress of athletes over time.


Deploy in minutes

GrAIg directly retrieves all your data sources to best represent the athlete. Aggregate training, race, monitoring, recovery data and much more.

Elevate your coaching to the next level

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