Maximizing Intervals' Analysis Efficiency

Maximizing Intervals' Analysis Efficiency

Catalyzing a paradigm shift in endurance sports coaching, GrAIg revolutionizes efficiency by autonomously detecting intervals within training sessions.
December 7, 2023
AI-powered Intervals Detection

In the ever-evolving landscape of endurance sports coaching, achieving efficiency and precision is key. At GrAIg, we're committed to reshaping coaching practices through innovative technological breakthroughs.

Effortless Interval Detection

What used to be a time-consuming process, demanding approximately 20 minutes of your valuable time, has now been reduced to 2 minutes. With GrAIg's automation capabilities, this once laborious task now places all the information you seek at your fingertips.

Examples of detected intervals

Machine Learning at Work

By meticulously analyzing data streams encompassing power, heart rate and speed, GrAIg identifies the start and end of intervals. Trained on a comprehensive dataset meticulously tagged with interval timestamps, a signal processing algorithm discerns inherent session structures.

The result? GrAIg autonomously identifies intervals without the need for any prior information.

All detected Intervals

A Glimpse into the Future

While providing access to interval statistics is a game-changer, it also serves as the basis for a whole series of future functionalities. In the coming weeks, we're excited to unveil a suite of complementary features based on this innovative system.

GrAIg not only redefines efficiency, it unlocks a new era of cutting-edge training methodologies.

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